Get to Know Me and
My Approach

Are you looking forward to more energy?
Better focus? Greater patience? Feeling healthier?
A more vibrant life?

Do you really need a sleep consultant to have a more vibrant life?
Yes, you do! Let me tell you why.

Adequate sleep is crucial for our health, well-being, and productivity. Sleep restores our body and mind the way nothing else can. During sleep, tissues get repaired and memories get processed. Sleep reduces stress and helps recover from traumatic experiences. Sleep wards off infections and helps you lose weight... Sleep makes you a more compassionate person. Sleep boosts creativity. Also, sleeping well and waking up well-rested is a joy!

Unfortunately, the majority of adults are not sleeping as much as they should and parents of young children are at a particularly high risk of sleep deprivation. The reasons are many: your child wakes you up many times a night. You are too busy juggling responsibilities to prioritize sleep. Or you are so stressed and exhausted that you can't fall asleep.

This is where a sleep consultant can help.


Nadya Dich, PhD

 Health psychology expert
certified sleep consultant 

My mission is to help you, sleep-deprived parents, to get your restful nights back so that you can enjoy your children and your life.

Why am I so passionate about this? Because I’ve been you. I know what there is to know about sleep deprivation in parents. My daughter Annika, who was born in 2015, gave me a chance to test all of it first-hand. Hourly wake-ups, bedtime battles, followed by my own insomnia. We’ve tried it all.

I was eventually able to use my own knowledge in child and health psychology to get my family back on track with sleep. But this experience gave me the inspiration to try something new occupation-wise. I decided to use the knowledge I gained through several years of research to start helping parents as a sleep consultant. Since 2017, I have worked with several dozens of clients and have helped many children and adults to get more out of their nights. I hope that I can help you as well!


You’ve decided to get help, but there is no shortage of consultants and psychologists on the market. How do you choose? Why should you trust me? Here are some of the reasons:

Knowledge.  I am a certified sleep consultant (Institute for Sensitive Sleep Consulting), but in addition to that, I have a Ph.D. degree in developmental psychology (Cornell University) and eight years of research in health psychology (University of Copenhagen). I know a lot about child development. I also know a lot about psychological issues affecting sleep in both children and adults: stress, anxiety, overstimulation, etc … I also have knowledge about psychotherapeutic tools for working with sleep problems, and I am constantly learning in order to develop my skills in this area.

Respect. I have deep respect for your personal opinions, cultural values, parenting philosophy, and preferred lifestyle. After all, I’ve lived in four different countries – that has taught me quite a bit about individual differences! I strive to find solutions that will work for YOU, rather than teaching you one-size-fits-all methods.

But what is most important for success is that there is a match and that you feel comfortable. That is why I offer a free 15-minute non-binding call where you can get to know me better, ask your questions, and where we can discuss what I can do for you.


Maximizing well-being
for the entire family

When a child is not sleeping, the parents aren’t either. When the adults are not sleeping, it also not just their own business. Family sleep can be complicated! As your sleep consultant, I will look at the entire family and its complex dynamics. My goal is to suggest changes that will maximize well-being for everybody involved. I take into consideration both the child’s and the parents’ interests, needs, preferences and, last but not least, health condition.


Read more about my approach on the child and adult sleep pages respectively, but in brief:

No crying it out.
No drugs.
You know best.


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