Reasons for poor sleep other than parenting

​​​​​In most adults, poor sleep is a reflection of what happens to us during the day, from drinking too much coffee and exercising too late, to stressing out and overthinking. In generally healthy people (when there are no medical conditions that cause poor sleep), reasons for poor sleep can be one or a combination of these factors:

  • Environmental factors  (bright light, noise, temperature, etc)

  • Lifestyle factors (exercise, diet, device usage, evening routines. etc.)

  • Disrupted sleep rhythms (jet lag, irregular bed time, spending too much time in bed, inappropriate napping).

  • Over-tiredness (too wound up to go to bed)

  • Psychological factors  (significant life events, stress, anxiety, overthinking, worrying about sleep).

When I work with parents' sleep, we take all of these factors into account.

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Learn more about psychological factors in sleep

If your sleep problems are due to psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, overthinking, or worrying about sleep, you may also be interested to take a look at my Green Light Stress and Sleep Counseling website or follow my Facebook page about Stress and Sleep.

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