Is there really a problem?

Our "investigation" into child's sleep problems needs to start with identifying the problems, most importantly, making sure there actually is a problem. Children's sleep patterns are (inconveniently) different from ours and sometimes, what parents worry about is completely normal, both biologically and psychologically. A two week old is not going to sleep through the night. A two year old might still be waking up and calling for you once or twice a night. A four year old is unlikely to nap, unless you are willing to let him keep you company for the 10 pm TV show or wake you up before dawn. A teenager is not going to volunteer to get up at 7am to make you breakfast.

Unrealistic expectations is one reason why parents often think there is a problem where there is none. Another reason is that someone else thinks there is a problem. Our culture might dictate that a child must sleep on his or her own in a separate room. Your child sleeps in your bed and you enjoy it, but think it's not ok because everybody is telling you so. Your nine months old wakes up three times a night to nurse and you nurse her without fully waking up. You are fresh and full of energy in the morning, but still think there must be something wrong because your friends' babies are sleeping through the night. Whatever kinds of "shoulds" you are walking around with, if you and your child are happy, it's important to remember that others' opinions are, well, just that: opinions. Most often, they are not based on facts (let alone research). It is your child, your life, your decisions.

But sometimes we are not sure what the right thing to do is; we may need information to make a decision, support standing our ground, or help finding the ways to cope with the inconvenient but normal child sleep patterns. I will be happy to help you with that. Book a consultation today or get in touch to discuss your situation.

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