How to overcome insomnia when you have small children


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Everyone is asking if your child is sleeping through.
 Nobody is asking whether you are ...

Your child is finally sleeping at night, but you’re the one who can’t get to sleep! No one ever told you that this could happen. You are wondering whether this is normal and whether you will ever be able to sleep again.


You will! This course will teach you why it’s not uncommon for new moms to develop sleep problems and give you the information and evidence-based practical tools to help you get back to sleep without medication. You’ll also become part of an amazing community of moms who understand what you’re going through and offer mutual support.

In the 4 weeks, you will learn:

  • Why parenting babies and toddlers makes the mom vulnerable to developing sleep problems (which sometimes persist for many years).

  • What your body needs from you in order to be able to sleep.

  • How to balance your child's needs for comfort and nourishment with your need for sleep and psychological well-being.

  • How your mind, with all its thinking and worrying, is interfering with your sleep and how you can tame your mind.



This course is ideal for mothers of children under five who developed sleep problems after (and as the result of) becoming a parent.

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