Improve your Child's Sleep

on your own terms

You don't need to compromise your parenting values to solve child sleep problems.

It seems like all you are doing is putting your child to bed.
Sleep is the only thing on your mind.
You try your best and nothing works.
But people say it's your own fault your child won't sleep:

“You should have sleep trained!​”

“Nursing to sleep is a bad habit!”

“You have spoiled your child!”

​“You are not giving your child enough attention!”

“Just take them to bed with you.”

“Do NOT take them to bed with you.”

​“Just nurse them back to sleep, what's the problem?”

“Still nursing??”   

You constantly second-guess yourself. You feel like a failure.

But one thing you will not do is leave your child cry themselves to sleep.

What if I told you that you that none of this is your fault?

What if I told you that we can improve your child's sleep in a gentle and respectful way, so you do not need to compromise your parenting values?


You cannot "train" anyone to sleep. Nor "teach" anyone to sleep. Even adults do not have control over when they fall asleep -- how can we expect that of children?

What we can do is find out why the child won't sleep and work on removing those obstacles and creating new sleep-friendly habits. Does that sound good to you?

Here is what we’ll do if you chose to work with me:

  • Discuss age-appropriate sleep patterns and how you can adjust as a parent

  • Find the reasons why your child won't sleep

  • Brainstorm gentle age-appropriate ways to encourage better sleep

  • Co-create a custom-made sleep plan that uniquely fits your family and is in line with your opinions and parenting philosophy.


You know best!

I strongly believe that as a parent, you always know what's best for your child. I am not going to tell you where your child should be sleeping or how long it should breastfeed. My goal is to respect and protect the precious child-parent bond.


No "crying it out"

I do not support any sleep intervention that may leave the child feeling scared or abandoned (such as leaving your child to cry alone in the crib). I will never encourage you to tolerate crying if your parental instinct tells you to soothe the child.

Wondering what we can do together? Want to hear more about how I work? Get in touch!
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