What we can do to solve
SLEEP problems in CHILDreN

Good sleep is crucial for your child's healthy development, growth, and learning. Learn more about my approach to child sleep, most child sleep issues I work with, and what can be done about them.


What we’ll do

  • Discuss age-appropriate sleep patterns and how you can adjust as a parent

  • Find the reasons why your child won't sleep

  • Brainstorm gentle age-appropriate ways to encourage better sleep

  • Co-create a custom-made sleep plan that uniquely fits your family and is in line with your opinions and parenting philosophy.

You know best!

I strongly believe that as a parent, you always know what's best for your child. I am not going to tell you where your child should be sleeping or how long it should breastfeed. My goal is to respect and protect the precious child-parent bond.


No "crying it out"

I do not support any sleep intervention that may leave the child feeling scared or abandoned (such as leaving your child to cry alone in the crib). I will never encourage you to tolerate crying if your parental instinct tells you to soothe the child.


Child Sleep Issues I Work With

Or is it (someone else's) unrealistic expectations?

How much and when your child should be sleeping.

When getting your child to sleep takes too long

Well, maybe he or she doesn't need to?

How to teach your child to be a (more) independent sleeper.

Why your child wakes up 5-10 times a night and what to do about it.

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