Get to Know Me
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Nadya Dich, PhD.
Health psychology expert
Certified sleep consultant

I never thought I would become a sleep consultant. But as it often happens, after we become parents, our life takes an unexpected turn.

​Before I had my daughter, I was making a career as a scientist. I received a Ph.D. in developmental psychology from Cornell University, USA, in 2011. In 2012 I started working at the Public Health Department at the University of Copenhagen. My research was about stress in children and adults, sleep being a part of that equation.



Maximizing well-being
for the entire family

When a child is not sleeping, the parents aren’t either. When the parents aren’t sleeping … things can go wrong. You can’t really parent that well when you haven’t slept, can you? But the child needs you at night. Sometimes every hour… How to reconcile these conflicting needs?

When I work with sleep, I look at the entire family and its complex dynamics. My goal is to suggest changes that will maximize well-being for all family members. I take into consideration both the child’s and the parents’ interests, needs, preferences and, last but not least, health condition.



2008      M. A. in Human Development and family studies (Cornell University).

2011      Ph. D. in Developmental Psychology (Cornell University).

2018      Certified Sleep Consultant (Institute for Sensitive Sleep Consulting).

2012 -    Postdoctoral researcher in health psychology (University of Copenhagen).

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