For exhausted parents of small children


Family Sleep Solutions

Better sleep for children and parents


Nadya Dich, PhD
Health psychology expert
certified sleep consultant

I help small children and their exhausted parents sleep better and feel better. Together, we will work on custom-made solutions to improve sleep for your entire family.


Sleep Counseling
for Сhildren and Parents
Child Sleep Problems

Child sleep problems are as common as they are exhausting. Luckily, in most cases the situation can be improved, and I would be delighted to help. Learn more about child sleep and the issues I work with.

Parents' Sleep

Parents of young children often have trouble sleeping even when their child sleeps through the night. Learn more about the causes of parental insomnia, why it is important to address it, and how I can help.


What Parents are Saying

I was amazed that a simple change in routine changed the way my two-year old approached bedtime. Nadya gave very confident advice about my daughter's body clock and how to understand tiredness in the evening. I saw results instantly in terms of getting her into the cot happily. Bedtime is something we all enjoy now, rather than dread. I wish I had done it sooner.

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